Where is Cleco located?

How do I get in touch with Cleco?

Call Cleco customer service at 1-800-622-6537 or visit a customer service office.

Is Cleco a co op?

Cajun Electric Power Cooperative, Inc., is a non-profit, member-owned electric generation and transmission cooperative supplying wholesale electric power to its twelve distribution cooperative owners.

What does Cleco stand for?

Website. Cleco Corporate Holdings LLC (formerly the Central Louisiana Electric Company) is an electric power company headquartered in the Central Louisiana city Pineville. It operates a regulated electric utility company, Cleco Power, that serves approximately 290,000 retail customers in Louisiana.

Where does cleco get its power?

1% commercial, 30.9% industrial, and 13.9% other. In 1993 the fuel sources for CLECO's share of power generated by plants operated by the company were 47.8% natural gas, 32.7% lignite, and 19.5% coal.

What power company serves Louisiana?

Entergy Louisiana | We Power Life.

Does cleco require deposit?

Deposit fees are $100 for homeowners and $150 for renters. However, if a customer falls into a higher risk category, a deposit that is equal to or double the highest bill for a location may be required. For commercial customers, the minimum deposit is $250.

Why is my cleco bill so high?

Cleco attributes the following factors as contributing to higher customer bills: 2020 hurricanes, increases in operating costs and new rate structure, extremely high temperatures and February ice storms, and rising fuel costs.Aug 19, 2021

Does cleco have an app?

Cleco's mobile application is now available on Apple. ... If you already have a Cleco MyAccount, you can take advantage of the enrolled-only features of the application. To register for a MyAccount, visit from your computer or mobile device.

Does cleco Service New Orleans?

Cleco has six offices in St. Tammany Parish, known as the “Northshore” which can be reached from New Orleans by traveling across Lake Ponchartrain on the Causeway Bridge, the world's longest bridge over a body of water. New Orleans is home to the New Orleans Saints professional football team. ...

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Who invented the cleco?

2,136,875, which I believe to be the first U.S. patent issued for what we now know as a Cleco. The patent was originally filed on March 16, 1936, by a Frenchman named Jean J. Blanc, who had filed the same patent in France in May of 1935.Dec 12, 2018


Are cleco fasteners reusable?

Clecos are reusable fasteners that can be used to securely hold materials together before permanently mounting them. ... Earl's cleco kits are available in 1/8” and 3/16” diameters and our kits include 10 clecos as well as the specialized pliers needed to install & remove them.Jul 25, 2018


Is cleco publicly traded?

As a result of the merger, Cleco Corporation will cease to be a publicly traded company and will become an indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary of Transferee.


How does a cleco fastener work?

Clecos are installed in holes drilled through the workpieces (usually holes intended for permanent fasteners installed later). They expand on the far side of the workpieces and then draw and clamp them together while maintaining the desired alignment and preventing distortion of the pieces.


Where is Cleco located in Louisiana?

  • Cleco is headquartered in Pineville, La., which is in the central part of the state, and has offices near major cities like New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette and Shreveport.


What is Cleco Corporate?

  • Cleco Corporate Holdings LLC is a regional energy holding company that conducts its business operations through two subsidiaries, Cleco Power and Cleco Cajun. Headquartered in Pineville, Louisiana, and in business since 1935, the company has almost 1,500 employees.


Who is clecleco Cajun?

  • Cleco Cajun is an unregulated utility company that owns 14 generating units with a rated capacity of 3,379 MWs and wholesale contracts serving nine Louisiana cooperatives, three wholesale municipal customers and one electric utility.


What is the Cleco Alternative Energy Center?

  • A model of a successful public-private partnership, the Cleco Alternative Energy Center is an $8M facility dedicated to investigating ways to provide clean and affordable energy to America's homes and businesses. Research areas include biomass gasification, torrefaction, and digestion.

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