When was the first GLONASS satellite launched?
Russia’s GLONASS and China’s Beidou are global navigation satellite systems used for both civil and military purposes. Their primary competitors are the United States’ GPS and the European Union’s Galileo, which are themselves somewhat interoperable.

What is the orbit of the Global Positioning System (GPS)?

  • The satellites are located in middle circular orbit at 19,100 kilometres (11,900 mi) altitude with a 64.8 degree inclination and a period of 11 hours and 15 minutes. GLONASS' orbit makes it especially suited for usage in high latitudes (north or south), where getting a GPS signal can be problematic.

How accurate is GLONASS compared to GPS?

  • In comparison, the same time precision of GPS navigation definitions were 2.00–8.76 m (6 ft 7 in–28 ft 9 in) with mean number of NSV equals 6—11 (depending on station). Civilian GLONASS used alone is therefore very slightly less accurate than GPS.

Does Russia have a satellite navigation system?Does Russia have a satellite navigation system?

Until it became public in the 2000s, GPS was used primarily for the U.S. Department of Defense. Russia also has a satellite navigation system, called GLONASS, or Global Navigation Satellite System. It is also a space-based system, similar to GPS, and operated by the Russian Aerospace Defense Forces.

Is Russia the new GPS alternative?Is Russia the new GPS alternative?

GPS is winning with the quantity of ground stations, but Russia is planning on adding 50 stations in 35 countries in the coming years. If Russia follows through with these plans, they may pass up GPS and become an excellent alternative for the US-based system.

Where is GPS used in the world?Where is GPS used in the world?

Currently, GPS is in the United States, Europe, Brazil, India, China, and South Africa. Russia wants to set up in Cuba, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Spain. One way GLONASS appears to be ahead of GPS is by having satellite systems that are meant for high latitudes, where GPS systems currently cannot reach.

When was the first GLONASS satellite launched?When was the first GLONASS satellite launched?

Development of GLONASS began in the Soviet Union in 1976. Beginning on 12 October 1982, numerous rocket launches added satellites to the system, until the completion of the constellation in 1995.

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