What part of the body is used to laugh?

What are the physical health benefits of laughter?

  • Physical health benefits of laughter: 1 Boosts immunity. 2 Lowers stress hormones. 3 Decreases pain. 4 Relaxes your muscles. 5 Prevents heart disease.

What are the 10 best laughter therapy exercises to do daily?

  • 10 Best Laughter Therapy Exercises To Do Daily 1. I Don’t Know Why I Am Laughing Trick 2. Have A Hearty Laughter 3. Try The Cell Phone Laughter 4. Dyslexic Laughter 5. Argument Laughter 6. The Silly Laughter 7. Jumping Frog Laughter 8. Vowel Movement Laughter 9. Imitation Laughter 10. Swinging Laughter

What is the function of the risorius muscle in laughter?

  • Laughter is the result when we exhale while the vocal cords close, with the respiratory muscles periodically activating to produce the characteristic rhythmic sound of laughing. The risorius muscle is also used to smile, but affects a smaller portion of the face...

image-What part of the body is used to laugh?
image-What part of the body is used to laugh?
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