What is very long baseline interferometry?

How does interferometry work with radio signals?

  • At a later time, the data are correlated with data from other antennas that recorded the same radio signal, to produce the resulting image. The resolution achievable using interferometry is proportional to the observing frequency.

How are coaxial cables used in interferometers and arrays?

  • In conventional interferometers and arrays, coaxial cable, waveguide, or even fibre-optic links are used to distribute a common local-oscillator reference signal to each antenna and also to return the received signal from an individual antenna to a central laboratory where it…

What is VLBI in astronomy?

  • In astronomy: Telescopic observations In another technique, called very long baseline interferometry (VLBI), simultaneous observations are made with radio telescopes thousands of kilometres apart; this technique requires very precise timing. Read More.

image-What is very long baseline interferometry?
image-What is very long baseline interferometry?
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