What is the VEI Millennium 5?

What is the power of the scale in Ma'at?

  • The scale appears with the rest of the items in the artwork of " Ma'at ". The scale's power is the ability weigh a person's sin against the Feather of Ma'at.

What are the Efron grading scales?

  • The Efron Grading Scales provide a standard clinical reference for describing the severity of contact lens complications. Professor Nathan Efron, international lecturer in the field of the ocular response to contact lens wear and author of over 500 scientific works, developed the unique scales.

What is the scale used for in Yu-Gi-Oh?

  • The Scale was originally owned by Karim, and after being stolen by Bakura, was used to resurrect Zorc Necrophades . Yu-Gi-Oh! A faction of the Tomb Keepers watched over the Scale, along with the Key, Eye, and Ring. After the Eye and Ring were given to others, Shadi kept the Key and Scale.

image-What is the VEI Millennium 5?
image-What is the VEI Millennium 5?
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