What is the Tegra 2 Evaluation Board?

What is the Tegra 3 based processor-board Tamonten™?

  • This Tamonten™ development and evaluation carrier board combines the power of the NVIDIA® Tegra™ 3 based Processor-Board Tamonten™ with the flexibility of Lattice® Semiconductor FPGA and CPLD solutions. This kit can be used as a basis for development and is available as a reference design to customers.

What is the Nvidia Tegra processor?

  • High performance meets low power with the NVIDIA Tegra processor - get ready for HD video, crisp graphics and unprecedented 3D capabilities, all in one power efficient package. NOTE: This page includes information on Tegra 2, 3 & 4.

Does the Nvidia Jetson TK1 have a Tegra SoC?

  • In late April 2014, Nvidia shipped the Nvidia Jetson TK1 development board containing a Tegra K1 SoC in the T124 variant and running Ubuntu Linux. The Nvidia Jetson TX1 development board bears a Tegra X1 of model T210.

image-What is the Tegra 2 Evaluation Board?
image-What is the Tegra 2 Evaluation Board?
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