What is the online dispatch training course?

Where can I learn more about independent dispatch?

  • Hello and welcome to This project was developed by Alfa X Logistics – an independent dispatch firm based out of Atlanta GA. If you are looking to start your business as an independent dispatcher you came to the right place! Now you can learn from experienced dispatchers who are actively involved in the transportation industry.

How to start a dispatch mission in Warzone?

  • To start a Dispatch Mission, players will either receive an invite from Martin himself on their Job List or they can travel to the job marker. Players can travel to the location of the job, which is marked as "Mz" on the map.

What is the return on investment of dispatch training?

  • Return On Investment - in most cases if you dispatch just one truck for just one week, this training will pay for itself. And the best part, you can continue generating earnings in the future.

image-What is the online dispatch training course?
image-What is the online dispatch training course?
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