What is the meaning of engine cranking?

How much cranking current does it take to start an engine?

  • The cranking current required to start an engine varies from vehicle to vehicle and is dependent on the engine size, circuit resistance, temperature, engine oil viscosity and the accessory loads. A four cylinder engine may require as much cranking current as an eight cylinder engine because it may need to crank faster to start.

What does cranking the starter motor mean?

  • "Engine cranking" means applying sufficient electrical current (generally with the ignition key) to the starter motor to energize that motor, which has only one duty: spinning your engine's crankshaft to generate sufficient compression for a successful ignition in at least one cylinder.

Can a car engine be cranked manually?

  • Most modern cars cannot be cranked manually: the engine is built-in perpendicular, the shaft is not available. (it’s behind the front wheels) However the term survived, the electric starter motor operation is still called cranking.

image-What is the meaning of engine cranking?
image-What is the meaning of engine cranking?
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