What is the client/server model in networking?

What is a client-server relationship?

  • Client-server denotes a relationship between cooperating programs in an application, composed of clients initiating requests for services and servers providing that function or service. What is the Client-Server Model?

What is the client-server architecture?

  • In the client-server architecture, when the client computer sends a request for data to the server through the internet, the server accepts the requested process and deliver the data packets requested back to the client. Clients do not share any of their resources.

What is the client server model in advanced search?

  • Advanced Search. The client-server model describes how a server provides resources and services to one or more clients. Examples of servers include web servers, mail servers, and file servers. Each of these servers provide resources to client devices, such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

image-What is the client/server model in networking?
image-What is the client/server model in networking?
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