What is the AliveCor Kardia mobile ECG?

Is Alivecor's heart monitor right for You?

  • Even the American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology’s guidelines suggest risk factors such as diabetes and hypertension necessary for screening ECGs. All in all, the AliveCor Heart Monitor is wonderfully designed and easy to use; these are key strengths for adoption in healthcare.

What is the most accurate mobile ECG device?

  • The deserved leaders in this field are the Apple Watch (4 and later) and Alivecor’s Kardia device which comes in single-lead and six-lead flavors. Both Apple and AliveCor have gotten FDA approval for their mobile ECG device and have a body of published studies supporting their accuracy.

Can AliveCor replace the follow-up ECG with single lead tracing?

  • Perhaps one could make a case that the follow-up ECG could be replaced by a lower cost single lead tracing by AliveCor and potentially save an individual a trip to the clinic (and associated costs).

image-What is the AliveCor Kardia mobile ECG?
image-What is the AliveCor Kardia mobile ECG?
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