What is node node gateway in Node JS?

What is a NodeJS microservice API gateway?

  • This is a NodeJS Microservice API Gateway, built using Traefik, NATS, Hapi, Hemera and Docker. The structure of this project allows us to easily scale workers in seconds. NATS is used as the "nervous system" for the distributed system removing the need for service-discovery, and load-balancing of our hemera-services.

What is a node on the Internet?

  • On the Internet, the node that’s a stopping point can be a gateway or a host node. A computer that controls the traffic your Internet Service Provider (ISP) receives is a node.

What is an API gateway and how does it work?

  • The API Gateway is responsible for request routing, composition, and protocol translation. It provides each of the application’s clients with a custom API. The API Gateway can also mask failures in the backend services by returning cached or default data. Obfuscation of the internal architecture and distribution of microservices-based applications.

image-What is node node gateway in Node JS?
image-What is node node gateway in Node JS?
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