What is Marzano's taxonomy of knowledge?

What is Marzano's model of thinking skills?

  • Developed to respond to the shortcomings of the widely used Bloom’s Taxonomy and the current environment of standards-based instruction, Marzano’s model of thinking skills incorporates a wider range of factors that affect how learners think and provides a more research-based theory to help teachers improve their learners’ thinking.

Is Marzano's model reliable?

  • Marzano stated that his model is grounded by research; therefore, his findings are reliable and valid. He further stated that his model used investigation; which is similar to experimental inquiry, but involves past, present, or future event.

Is there a new taxonomy of educational objectives?

  • Robert Marzano, respected educational researcher, has proposed what he calls A New Taxonomy of Educational Objectives (2000).

image-What is Marzano's taxonomy of knowledge?
image-What is Marzano's taxonomy of knowledge?
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