What is managed object model?

What is managed object class?


Managed objects are defined in terms of managed object classes. A managed object class is a definition of how all managed objects of a particular type should be implemented. Individual managed objects are referred to as instances of a class.

What is managed object instance?

In telecommunication, the term managed object has the following meanings: 1. In a network, an abstract representation of network resources that are managed. ... Note: A managed object may represent a physical entity, a network service, or an abstraction of a resource that exists independently of its use in management.

What is managed object in IOS?

A managed object context represents a single object space, or scratch pad, in a Core Data application. A managed object context is an instance of NSManagedObjectContext . Its primary responsibility is to manage a collection of managed objects.Apr 6, 2018

What is transformable in Core Data?

Core Data supports entity attributes of 'Transformable' type. Transformable type allows us to store custom data types as an object of the declared attribute for a record of an Entity. The only requirement is that our custom type should conform to NSCoding or we need to provide a custom value transformer.

What is NSPersistentStoreCoordinator in iOS?

A persistent store coordinator is an instance of NSPersistentStoreCoordinator . It has a reference to a managed object model that describes the entities in the store or stores it manages. The coordinator is the central object in a Core Data stack.Apr 6, 2018

What is managed object Swift?

A managed object has an associated entity description ( NSEntityDescription ) that provides metadata about the object, including the name of the entity that the object represents and the names of its attributes and relationships.

What is Core Data in iOS Swift?

Core Data is an object graph and persistence framework provided by Apple in the macOS and iOS operating systems. It was introduced in Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and iOS with iPhone SDK 3.0. It allows data organized by the relational entity–attribute model to be serialized into XML, binary, or SQLite stores.Jul 4, 2018

What is NSEntityDescription in Swift?

A description of an entity in Core Data. Language. SwiftObjective-C.

Is Core Data thread safe?

Core Data is designed to work in a multithreaded environment. However, not every object under the Core Data framework is thread safe. To use Core Data in a multithreaded environment, ensure that: Managed object contexts are bound to the thread (queue) that they are associated with upon initialization.

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What is NSManagedObjectContext in Core Data?

NSManagedObjectContext. The NSManagedObjectContext object manages a collection of model objects, instances of the NSManagedObject class. It is possible for an application to have multiple managed object contexts. Each managed object context is backed by a persistent store coordinator.Nov 4, 2015


What is Core Data in Xcode?

Core Data is a framework that you use to manage the model layer objects in your application. It provides generalized and automated solutions to common tasks associated with object life cycle and object graph management, including persistence.Mar 27, 2017


How does Core Data store dates?

In a Core Data store, a Date attribute is a double value that represents a number of seconds since 1970. Using a variety of calendars, time zones, and locales, an app can convert a Date value to different date strings, or convert a date string to different Date values.


What are Core Data types?

In the Programming context, a Data Type may be defined as a classification that specifies which type of value a variable has, and what type of mathematical, relational, or logical operations can be applied to it without causing an error. These may also be called the core data types in Python. ...


What is the relationship between managed objects and managed object context?

  • A managed object should always be associated with a managed object context. There are no exceptions to this rule. Remember that a managed object context manages a number of records or managed objects. As a developer, you primarily interact with managed objects and the managed object context they belong to.


What is a managed object in Salesforce?

  • A managed object is associated with an entity description (NSEntityDescription) that provides metadata about the object, including the name of the entity that the object represents and the names of its attributes and relationships. A managed object is also associated with a managed object context that tracks changes to the object graph.


How do I create a managed object with the entity description?

  • To create a managed object with the entity description, we invoke init (entity:insertInto:), passing in the entity description and a managed object context. The entity description and managed object context are both available as properties on the managed object. Run the application and inspect the output in the console.


What are the properties of nsmanagedobject?

  • Every NSManagedObject instance has a number of properties that tell Core Data about the model object. The properties that interest us most are entity and managedObjectContext. Every managed object has an entity description, an instance of the NSEntityDescription class. The entity description is accessible through the entity property.

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