What is Lua Lua?

Is Lua a good language for embedded systems?

  • This is about a year later. We actually used Lua on our embedded system and it performs marvelously well. Over time, we added more and more scripting support to more and more parts of the project and that really helped to bring it along. Performance is outstanding, really.

Why doesn't Lua support double data type for embedding?

  • Our Lua interpreter has to run on a system with a nonstandard memory allocator and without support for the double data type. There are two well-documented places in one header file we had to modify to make Lua work on that system. It is really well suited for embedding!

What is reflexive in Lua?

  • Reflexive facilities, allowing the creation of highly polymorphic parts. Lua is a general-purpose embedded programming language designed to support procedural programming with data-description facilities.

image-What is Lua Lua?
image-What is Lua Lua?
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