What is hydraulic load sensing control?

Does a load sensing hydraulic pump have a pressure compensator?

  • A pump used in a typical load sensing hydraulic circuit will still have a pressure compensator for limiting the maximum system pressure. In addition, there is a second control device used to provide fine control over the pump displacement and the system pressure during normal working parameters.

What is loadload sensing?

  • Load sensing is a term used to describe a type of pump control employed in open circuits. It is so called because the load-induced pressure downstream of an orifice is sensed and pump flow adjusted to maintain a constant pressure drop (and therefore flow) across the orifice.

What is a load-sensing controlled variable pump?

  • A load-sensing controlled variable pump largely eliminates these inefficiencies. The power lost to heat is limited to the relatively small pressure drop across the metering orifice, which is held constant across the system’s operating pressure range (see bottom of Figure 1).

image-What is hydraulic load sensing control?
image-What is hydraulic load sensing control?
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