What is EPs in packaging?

What is EPs resin made of?

  • EPS is a rigid closed cell/cellular plastic resin made from petrochemicals derived from crude oil. The resin is incorporated via a blowing agent, pentane gas (C5H12). Steam softens the plastic resin causing the pentane to expand the plastic into beads at least 40 times their original size.

What can you do with an EPs box?

  • Worldwide, it is widely used to package EPS Box, vegetables and fruit - and for seed trays where it assists in the growth of the plants. It is also used by the pharmaceutical industry to package items that are temperature sensitive and that need to be transported around the world.

What is EPS foam moulding?

  • EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam can be moulded into parts for various items such as assembly trays, spacers, toys, flotation devices, models and display units. Easily secured by interlocking design or standard adhesives, EPS foam parts are lightweight, maintain better shape integrity and transport without hassle.

image-What is EPs in packaging?
image-What is EPs in packaging?
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