What is electric vehicle (EV) testing?

Why choose Intertek for your electric vehicle battery testing?

  • Intertek also offers a diverse range of Electric and Hybrid-electric Vehicle battery testing solutions; from cell, module and pack level testing, abuse testing, to fire exposure and safety certification testing, we can provide you with a one-stop-shop for your electric vehicle testing requirements.

What is EV testing centre of Excellence?

  • The new EV Testing Centre of Excellence will encompass motors, inverters, axle modules, all onboard vehicle electrical systems and complete Electric Vehicle testing.

Why DEKRA for electric vehicle testing?

  • Both trends pose an ever-greater potential safety hazard. At DEKRA, we offer a wide range of testing and certification solutions for battery cells and battery modules, as well as homologation testing for manufacturers at both full-vehicle and component level. Electric vehicle covers a very broad spectrum of technology and equipment.

image-What is electric vehicle (EV) testing?
image-What is electric vehicle (EV) testing?
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