What is an extended range electric vehicle (E-REV)?

How do you increase range on a short range electric vehicle?

  • Owners try to increase their driving range by shutting off fans, air conditioning, heaters/defrosters, radio, windshield wipers and other “unnecessary” functions to ensure they can reach the destination before they run out of power. Aside from the anxiety about range limitation, short range electric vehicle drivers often confront other issues.

What is the future of the Jaguar range extender?

  • A future possibility would be to replace the piston engine with a micro gas-turbine as the range extender. Jaguar has produced the C-X75 hybrid concept car, which is an E-REV with two small gas turbines (each 35 kg) to charge the battery (15-kWh lithium-ion).

What is the evex-6000w power system?

  • This backup power system (item EVEX-6000W) provides a larger, 2 phase inverter that can be used to directly power a larger portion of your home's electrical wiring during frequent or major power outages.

image-What is an extended range electric vehicle (E-REV)?
image-What is an extended range electric vehicle (E-REV)?
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