What is a VR bodysuit?

What is nullnullspace VR bodysuit?

  • Nullspace VR bodysuit is the gaming suit in which only the upper body senses the feedback from the virtual world. It involves the chest, arms, and hands. So, it’s an application for the upper body system with a haptic response.

What is a virtual reality suit?

  • The suit offers you to feel the touch and any object within the virtual reality world. These VR suits are utilized in the training of athletes and patients in rehabilitation centers by transmitting sensations to the body through neuromuscular electrical stimulation.

What is the Best VR full body tracking?

  • Teslasuit is one of the best VR full body tracking solutions money can buy. It is designed by a London-based company to integrate a player’s whole body into the gaming experience. The Teslasuit doesn’t use vibrating motors to stimulate touch sensations like other haptic suits.

image-What is a VR bodysuit?
image-What is a VR bodysuit?
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