What is a laser micrometer used for?

How do laser scan micrometers work?

  • A scanning laser micrometer uses a rotating optical element to reflect or refract a laser beam through a measurement area and across the path of an object. The part obstructs the laser light, creating a shadow that persists for a time proportional to the size of the part. Optics in the receiver collect the unobstructed laser light and focus it on a photocell.

How accurate is micrometer?

  • Although micrometers are highly accurate measuring devices, they are limited in their range. Micrometers typically have a measuring range of 25mm and 1 inch. For instance, metric versions measure 0-25mm, 25-50mm, 50-75mm etc, and imperial versions measure 0-1 inches, 1-2 inches, 2-3 inches etc.

How to take measurement with micrometer?

  • Take the Measurement. Place your part between the measuring faces. ...
  • Reading the Linear Graduation. Read the linear graduation. ...
  • Reading the Thimble Graduation. This graduation shows you the tenths and hundreds of a millimeter. ...
  • Final Tips. Reading the micrometer can be tricky when you are not used to it. ...

image-What is a laser micrometer used for?
image-What is a laser micrometer used for?
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