What is a high Thurst propeller?

Can you put a high thrust prop on a dinghy?

  • If you attached a high thrust engine to a heavy boat, the engine wouldnt be able to reach high revs and maximum power output, itd be like trying to pull away from the traffic lights in 5th gear. It would put a lot of load on the gearbox. If you tried to use a lower thrust prop on a dinghy youd easily be maxing out on revs at low speed.

What is a Yamaha dual thrust prop?

  • Designed for sailboats and other large displacement craft, Yamaha’s dual thrust props are built to push heavy loads through the water. The hub is carefully designed to redirect exhaust flow away from the blades, cutting through clean water for higher efficiency and better acceleration.

What is the best prop for a 15 hp outboard?

  • If you need a prop for your 9.9 to 15 hp outboard and heavy little boat, take a look at the Solas Amita 4 High Thrust aluminum propeller. It is a large diameter 4 blade prop with big ears that are absent of the blade rake you’re probably used to seeing, giving it good forward and reverse thrust characteristics.

image-What is a high Thurst propeller?
image-What is a high Thurst propeller?
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