What is a “double” in bridge?

When to use a takeout double in bridge?

  • When the next player has a reasonable hand but no long suit, it can often be beneficial to suggest this sort of holding by means of a takeout double. Furthermore, there is no real need for a penalty double of an opening bid of one of a suit. The same applies for the other traditional takeout doubles.

What is a negative double bid in bridge?

  • “Maximal” Double is used as a conventional bid inviting to game and the 3S bid is thus reserved for use as a competitive sign-off. 5. The “Negative” Double is a “double” by a Responder at his/her first opportunity, opposite a one-of-a-suit opening bid by Partner subsequent to an interference overcall by

What is a Lightner double in bridge?

  • The most frequent case is a “Double” of any artificial bid, as subsequent to a Stayman “2C” or “3C” bid, a Jacoby Transfer bid, or responses to the Gerber or Blackwood Ace-asking conventions, among others. “2C” 3. The “Lightner” Double is a Lead-directing double of a Slam contract bid by the Opponents.

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image-What is a “double” in bridge?
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