What does well focused mean?

What is a synonym for focused?

concentrated, concentrating, attentive, absorbed, engrossed, fascinated, enthralled, enrapt, rapt, earnest, intense, studious, fixed, steady, steadfast, occupied, preoccupied, wrapped up, alert, watchful, observant. determined, resolved, firm, committed, single-minded.

How do you describe someone being focused?

Really focused people always have some sort of plan to follow. They have a clear picture of where they're going and a reasonable idea of how to get there. Set up a structured path for your objective. It doesn't have to be elaborate.Oct 3, 2014

How do you write a focus statement?

A good focus statement should be unambiguous, generate interest on the part of the reader and even be provocative. If a focus statement leaves anything unclear or generates a shrug of the shoulders or similar apathetic response, it is not a strong focus statement.

What is a focus word example?

The focus word (or words in some cases) is the most important word in a sentence. For example: Why didn't you telephone? I waited all day!Aug 4, 2019

What is focused attention?

Focussed attention refers to the ability of our attention system to be 'caught' by a specific stimulus (e.g. a noise, pain, a light flash, our name) to which we can then respond.

What is an example of focused attention?

Focalized (Focused) Attention: This refers to your ability to focus attention on one stimulus. For example, when you are writing an exam and need to concentrate entirely on your answers. Sustained Attention: This is your ability to attend to an activity or stimulus over prolonged periods of time.Sep 8, 2021

What does it mean to focus attention?

Focused attention is the brain's ability to concentrate its attention on a target stimulus for any period of time. Focused attention is a type of attention that makes it possible to quickly detect relevant stimuli. ... If there is only one single, simple, obvious stimulus, it will be easier to detect it.

Is there a word focus?

noun, plural fo·cus·es, fo·ci [foh-sahy, -kahy]. a central point, as of attraction, attention, or activity: The need to prevent a nuclear war became the focus of all diplomatic efforts.

What is focus event?

The focus event fires when an element has received focus. The main difference between this event and focusin is that focusin bubbles while focus does not. The opposite of focus is blur .Sep 19, 2021

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Why choose wellfocused?

  • The best care for our patients starts with the best care for yourself. That’s why Wellfocused is dedicated to making living a healthy lifestyle easier than ever.


What is a well-focused question?

  • Well-focused questions can be answered with meaningful information. Well-focused questions encourage inquiry and research. And of course, well-focused questions have to be questions. Imagine the situation where you have a 52 year old woman with intermittent shortness of breath and rare chest pain with exertion.


What are the levels of the wellfocused program?

  • Plus, more team and individual challenges and other ways to earn points makes it easy to progress through the four levels of the Wellfocused program: Explore, Grow, Succeed, and Thrive. All employees are eligible to participate in the Wellfocused program and, regardless of medical coverage, are eligible to earn an incentive of up to $200.


How do I Activate my wellfocused account?

  • You’ll need to activate your confidential Wellfocused account: Enter your Penn ID (You can find your Penn ID number by accessing your Personal Profile in the Employee Records and Paychecks site – ­– through the Intranet.)

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