What does var mean in electrical terms?

Do power plant operators understand Vars?

  • While that may be a bit of an exaggeration as there are undoubtedly many power plant operators who do understand VARs, I believe that one of the barriers for those who do not understand this topic is the math.

How do you measure apparent power with var?

  • (VAR, volt- amps reactive) Apparent power (VA) is the easiest to measure; it is what you get when you measure the rms volts with one meter and the rms amps with another meter and multiply the two. P = V x A = VA Equation 1; Apparent Power The measurements must be made with "True RMS" meters.

What is a Var (Voltamp-reactive)?

  • 2. Definition of a VAR (volt-amp-reactive). Magnetic loads, such as motors, can draw more VA power than actual real power. The extra component is called a VAR. A VAR is basically magnetic power, which causes a phase shift between voltage and current curves. Figure 1, Voltage to Current Phase Shift

image-What does var mean in electrical terms?
image-What does var mean in electrical terms?
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