What does ion vapor deposition (IVD) mean?

What is ion vapor deposition of aluminum?

  • Ion vapor deposition (IVD) of aluminum is a vacuum-plating process which deposits pure aluminum on nearly any metal to prevent corrosion. The process was originally developed as a replacement for cadmium plating on steel. The important advantages of this coating over cadmium are that it is non-toxic and safe to apply.

What is variablevapor deposition technique?

  • Vapor deposition technique is coating processes in which materials in a vapor state are condensed through condensation, chemical reaction, or conversion to deposit thin films on different substrates, and classified as physical (PVD) and chemical (CVD) vapor deposition methods.

What are the applications of vapor deposition?

  • Prof. Dr.M. Sherif El-Eskandarany, in Mechanical Alloying (Third Edition), 2020 Vapor deposition techniques have been used for producing different types of materials, including fibers, nanotubes, powders, thin films, multilayer coatings, and graded composition deposits for many of years.

image-What does ion vapor deposition (IVD) mean?
image-What does ion vapor deposition (IVD) mean?
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