What are critical and emerging technologies?

What are the four types of emerging technologies?

Emerging technologies include a variety of technologies such as educational technology, information technology, nanotechnology, biotechnology, cognitive science, robotics, and artificial intelligence.

How do you understand Gartner hype cycle?

Gartner's Hype Cycle is a graphical depiction of a common pattern that arises with each new technology or other innovation. Each year, Gartner creates more than 90 Hype Cycles in various domains as a way for clients to track technology maturity and future potential.

What should a technology strategy include?

Tech strategy is a collective set of non-trivial decisions created to guide the use of technology and related factors in order to achieve business or end user outcomes. It involves not just technology choices, but process, organisation design, and cultural elements.Apr 14, 2017

What are the five 5 characteristics of emerging technology?

The result is the delineation of five key attributes that qualify a technology as emerging. These are: (i) radical novelty, (ii) relatively fast growth, (iii) coherence, (iv) prominent impact, and (v) uncertainty and ambiguity.Jul 7, 2015

What is the main role of emerging technology?

Rather than being self-contained applications that can be placed into an IT architecture, emerging technologies are primarily components for building new solutions. IoT does not get placed on a rack in the server room; companies build IoT systems using sensors which then collect new data to be used in decision making.

What does the White House's National Strategy for critical and emerging technologies mean?

  • On Thursday, October 15, 2020, the White House released a national strategy to ensure that the United States remains a global leader in developing critical and emerging technologies (C&ET). The document lays out high-level goals to promote the “national security innovation base” and protect the United States’ technology advantage.

What is the National Security Council's “critical and emerging technologies list”?

  • The National Security Council will update this “Critical and Emerging Technologies List” annually. These broad categories suggest potential federal government interest in and regulation in an array of technology sectors, from AI to biotech to data science, quantum computing, and space.

What is the critical and emerging technologies list (ANPRM)?

  • Several technologies that appear in the Critical and Emerging Technologies List appear as areas of concern in the ANPRMs. Under its ECRA authority, Commerce has imposed 37 new controls on specific emerging technologies, largely to implement U.S. commitments under the Wassenaar Arrangement and other international agreements.

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