Is it possible to anodize pure copper?

What metals can you Anodize?

  • Chemical baths containing sodium silicate, sodium hydroxide, borax, sodium nitrate, and nickel sulphate, using lower voltages (20-30V DC), can be used to anodize zinc-plated steel materials. Applicable standards for anodized zinc include MIL-A-81801.

Is it possible to anodise steel?

  • A dc supply of voltage of 10 to 60 volts is required for the process. It is possible to anodise other metals such as steel galvanised iron, brass, zinc, silver and copper etc. This is particularly of special application in aircraft, in which aluminium is used for stressed members.

How do you Anodize metal?

  • Part 4 Turn on your power source. Keep the power supply constant for 45 minutes. Mix your dye during the anodizing process. Turn off the power supply after 45 minutes. Place the aluminum part in the warm dye bath. Boil distilled water on a hot plate. Remove the hot metal carefully and allow it to dry.

image-Is it possible to anodize pure copper?
image-Is it possible to anodize pure copper?
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