How does fixed wireless works?

What is a fixed Internet?

  • Fixed wireless is a broadband service that uses radio signals instead of cables to reach the customers location. Internet is delivered to antennas based on towers or buildings using copper or fiber and is then transmitted to their final destination over a private channel.

What is a fixed broadband?

  • Definition. High-speed connectivity for public use of at least 256 Kbit/s or more in one or both directions (downloading and uploading).
  • Data source. Statistical unit of the Ministry of Education or,alternatively,national statistical office.
  • Source definition. ...

What is a fixed line telephone?

  • A fixed-line telephone on a desk. A fixed phone line (a line that is not a mobile phone line) can be hard-wired or cordless and typically refers to the operation of wireless devices or systems in fixed locations such as homes.

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