How do you write a response to reviewers example?

Responding to reviewers: Advice from the perspective of a language editor. When you respond to reviewers’ comments, maintain a positive attitude and be open to criticism. Your responses will tend to reflect your attitude at the time of writing. Word choice, tone, syntax—they may all reveal to the reader your true colors.

How do you politely disagree with a reviewer?

It is absolutely fine to disagree with a reviewer's comment. You can send a point-by-point response to the editor explaining why you disagree with the reviewer's suggestion. Make sure your response is backed by supporting evidence. If your viewpoint is justified, the editor will definitely consider it.Apr 12, 2017

How do you thank someone for a positive review?

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave an excellent rating. We really appreciate your business. Please let us know what we can do for you in the future.” “Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a rating.”

How do I decline a reviewer comment?

But if you answer "no," then how can you decline to address the comment? The basic structure is simple, and based on respect: Acknowledge the reviewer's suggestion. Then state why you're not going to make the suggested change.

How do you decline a revision?

Revise your submission and explain why you didn't revise certain reviewers' comments. Describe in the cover letter and/or the 'Response to reviewers' document what you changed or didn't change and why. Withdraw your manuscript. Contest the editor decision.Dec 21, 2020

Do reviewers see each others comments?

In EM, journals can optionally share reviewer identities, reviewer comments, and decision letters with other reviewers. This means that EM supports the most common “open” peer review workflows where reviewers are allowed to see each other's comments.

How do you comment positively?

Excellent Keep up the good work. Exceptional Magnificent Exciting Majestic thoughts Exemplary Marvelous Exhilarating Meritorious Extraordinary Much better Fabulous My goodness, how impressive! Fantastic Nice going Favorable Noble Fine Noteworthy Fine job Now you've figured it out.

How do you comment on a research proposal?

Present a fact or a claim from a named (or linked) source and explain why it is relevant for the proposed research. Explain how it casts doubt or increases our confidence in a point made by the author. Your additional ideas. Could this or a closely related question be answered in a different way (specify)?

Can you respond to Google reviews?

  • Google is now allowing business owners to respond directly to reviews. Starting today, if you’re a verified Google Places business owner, you can publicly respond to reviews written by Google Maps users on the Place Page for your business.

How to comment on your performance review?

  • Review past and present performance. If you only do formal reviews once a year,it's easy to provide feedback only for things that are fresh in your mind.
  • Be honest and clear. Evaluations are the time to address issues that could be affecting the employee's performance or overall team's well-being.
  • Provide concrete examples. ...
  • Choose your words carefully. ...

image-How do you write a response to reviewers example?
image-How do you write a response to reviewers example?

What is an example of a response?

  • The definition of response is a reaction after something is done. An example of response is how someone reacts to an ink blot on a card. Response is defined as an answer to a question. An example of response is what happens after the question during a question and answer discussion.


How do you write a response to a review paper?How do you write a response to a review paper?

If appropriate, cite relevant references in your reply. The response that you write should be directed to the Editor and not to the Reviewers. You should write for instance “We agree with the reviewer …”rather than “We agree with you”. Always refer to the reviewer in third person.


Should I respond to reviewers' comments?Should I respond to reviewers' comments?

Before you respond to reviewers’ comments, celebrate that your research paper was sent to peer review. And be grateful that the reviewers carved time out of their schedules to evaluate your work for free. Getting a harsh reviewer is possible, but it doesn’t happen often.


How do I write a response to the comments I received?How do I write a response to the comments I received?

Write an introduction to your response to the comments and summarise major changes you have made, and include this with this response or use it for a separate cover letter for the Editor. Do not forget to thank the editor and reviewers for their efforts.


How do you respond to a reviewer in a manuscript?How do you respond to a reviewer in a manuscript?

Make life easy for the reviewer and the editor. Always indicate where you have made a change in your manuscript in response to the question/comments: “This is now addressed in the Discussion section of the revised manuscript on page x, line y .” If appropriate, cite relevant references in your reply.

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