How do you measure snowfall?

Can you take more than one snow depth measurement?

  • Again, more than one measurement may be needed if there's been a lot of wind or some melting has taken place and the snow is not evenly distributed across your measuring surface. If more than one measurement is needed, average all the measurements and record the snow depth to the nearest inch.

What should not be included in a snowfall measurement?

  • While sleet or ice pellets should be included in snow amounts, freezing rain (or glaze ice) should never be reported as snowfall. If you are not going to measure the Snow Water Equivalent of Snowfall, after you have finished making the Snowfall measurement clear the snow off of the snowboard.

Does Snowy Hydro take Snow depth readings?

  • Snowy Hydro undertakes snow depth readings as required for operational purposes during the snow season. Updates on our website may be made on an irregular basis. For the latest information on snow conditions, we suggest that you visit the appropriate ski resort website.

image-How do you measure snowfall?
image-How do you measure snowfall?
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