How do wireless magnetic charging mounts work?

What are the different ways to recharge magnetic fields?

  • Permanent magnets with diminished field strength can be recharged in at least three ways: by striking, stroking or stacking. Each of these methods entails lining up the weakened magnet with a stronger external field and using it to realign its particles. Striking a magnet involves aligning the magnet with the Earth's magnetic north pole.

What kind of Charger do you use for your Magneto?

  • A heavy duty 12 volt portable magneto charger made by the author (or use at local engine shows). John Rex charging a magneto at the August 1986 Abenaque Engine Show in Westminster, Vermont. Note the white cables connecting to the author's truck battery.

When did they start charging magnetos for free?

  • Last year (1985), he designed and built a heavy-duty portable magneto charger (it weighs over 150 lbs.) and started offering free charging at local engine shows where the service was an instant success. “I was charging magnetos from early morning until after dark at this year’s Orange, Mass. show.

image-How do wireless magnetic charging mounts work?
image-How do wireless magnetic charging mounts work?
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