How do I save waypoints to a GPS unit?

What is the difference between a waypoint and a coordinate?

  • Saved waypoints typically appear on a GPS unit’s map screen. In contrast, “coordinates” are everywhere, ad infinitum, with no sense of emphasis to the term. Waypoints can be saved to a GPS unit in multiple ways. Most simply, you can save your present location to the GPS unit, which is known as “marking a waypoint.”

How do I create co-ordinates or GPS waypoints?

  • Coordinates or GPS waypoints can be created by: mouse click: Create a new waypoint by clicking with the left mouse button on the desired position on map. Select an existing waypoint by clicking on it, or move the waypoint. Remove a waypoint by pressing the "remove..."-button.

How do I view waypoints on the map?

  • View any waypoint on a map at any time. Waypoints are set by either saving your current location, by tapping on a map or by entering coordinates. A trail management system allows you to record your trails and map them. Save as many trails as you want.

image-How do I save waypoints to a GPS unit?
image-How do I save waypoints to a GPS unit?
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