Does the Heathkit company still exist?

Who owns heathkit?

A. We understand. As devoted Heathkit® fans know, the parent company name and the ownership of Heathkit have changed a number of times in the 80 or so years since Ed Heath founded the business. Over the decades Heathkit has been owned by Daystrom, Schlumberger, and Zenith and has been independent several times.

Why did heathkit go out of business?

With double the development costs and the technology making assembly more difficult, Heathkit eventually concluded it could not compete. This perfect storm of conditions led to the formal phasing out of the kit business in 1991 and 1992. There was lots of editorial coverage about that being the end of an era.Feb 17, 2009

What happened to Kit website?

In early December, 2019 we migrated the Kit community from the domain to We encourage you to update links to your kits now to avoid serious impacts on your kit traffic after the migration on December 15 (See How to update your links).

How do kit CO make money?

Most Kit creators earn money via affiliate programs with retailers like Amazon, Ebay, Newegg, and more. Simply put, when you join an affiliate program, you will earn commissions whenever a visitor clicks your link and goes on to make a purchase from the retailer.

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What name is Kit a nickname for?

Kit is usually an abbreviation of the given names Christopher, Katherine, Kathleen, and similar names.

Where can I buy Heathkit products?

  • Visit the Heathkit web shop and our eBay store to see what we have waiting for you. Find out more. For more information about Heathkit, read our Frequently Asked Questions, Like us on Facebook, and catch up on our News Page.

image-Does the Heathkit company still exist?
image-Does the Heathkit company still exist?

What is the history of Heathkit?

  • In 1974, Heathkit started "Heathkit Educational Systems", which expanded their manuals into general electronics and computer training materials. Heathkit also expanded their expertise into digital and, eventually, computerized equipment, producing among other things digital clocks and weather stations with the new technology.


What is everyevery Heathkit?

  • Every Heathkit ® is rewarding, innovative, and educational. you own something of value you'll use daily. Check out our cool products now. » We're Heathkit.


Is Heathkit Educational systems still in business?

  • The education and publishing business now called Heathkit Educational Systems (HES) was still doing well. While the courses, materials, and trainers were sold to individuals, HES also developed a huge college and university business. HES was soon sold to a private buyer and continued as a successful operation. It still is today.

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