Can you say a correspondence?
Essential Meaning of correspondence 1 : the activity of writing letters or e-mails to someone They communicated by telephone and correspondence. E-mail correspondence has become extremely important for modern businesses. The two men began a correspondence that would continue throughout their lives.

What does it mean to write a correspondence?

Definition: A Correspondence is a written form of communication between two parties. In other words, it is way to pass on ideas in writing.

What is an example of a correspondence?

An example of correspondence is when a person acts in the same way she appears to think. Correspondence is defined as communication, generally through letters or emails. An example of correspondence is the interchange of letters between pen-pals. (uncountable) Friendly discussion.

What is a corresponding?

Definition of corresponding

1a : having or participating in the same relationship (such as kind, degree, position, correspondence, or function) especially with regard to the same or like wholes (such as geometric figures or sets) corresponding parts of similar triangles.

Can correspondence refer to emails?

“Correspondence” is a singular noun for the letters and emails and so on that are exchanged by parties who communicate with one another. In ordinary English, it's not used in the plural (“correspondences”). But “correspondents,” meaning people who correspond, is plural.Aug 26, 2014

Are emails correspondence?

Full Definition of correspondence

1a : communication by letters or email also : the letters or emails exchanged I have a pile of correspondence on my desk.

Who is a correspondence clerk?

Correspondence clerks respond to inquiries from the public or customers. They prepare standard responses to requests for merchandise, damage claims, delinquent accounts, incorrect billings, or complaints about unsatisfactory services.

What is patient correspondence?

A general UK term for any patient-specific information received from or sent by a doctor or health organisation, which relates to an individual patent's clinical care (e.g. a GP referral letter).

What are the 3 types of correspondence?

Identify the three types of Correspondence – Personal, Business and Official. Distinguish between Business and Official Correspondence.

How do you use correspondence in a sentence?

1, She has a lot of correspondence to deal with. 2, There isn't much correspondence beween their views and ours! 3, I took a correspondence course in computing. 4, There isn't much correspondence between their views and ours.Mar 28, 2017

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What is correspondence and its importance?

It helps in maintaining the proper relationships between the parties. Business correspondence strengthens the business. It also helps in the internal communication. It makes communication within the organization more clear and precise.


What is correspondence in business communication?

Business correspondence means the exchange of information in a written format for the process of business activities. Business correspondence can take place between organizations, within organizations or between the customers and the organization. The correspondence refers to the written communication between persons.


Does corresponding mean the same?

1. Having the same or nearly the same relationship. 2. Accompanying another: a high corporate position and its corresponding problems.


How do you use corresponding?

The verb correspond can be used with the prepositions to or with. Correspond to and correspond with both mean to have close similarity or to almost match. The French amitié corresponds to our English word friendship. The position of the arrow on the screen corresponds with your movement of the mouse.

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